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Alex Gingell is the man behind the bespoke concept and he is MD and founder of Hack Up Bespoke Ltd.  Today the company is mananged equally between Alex and his wife Jayne with the goal of enabling horse owners across the world to have access to the best bespoke products and service that we can possibly offer.  Our ambitious desire to create the first ever Internationally Accredited bespoke manufacturing facility has now been achieved.

Be assured that your bespoke, although specific to your horse, goes through the same testing processes as shop sold brands. We use only International standard tested raw ingredients that are then further analysed and checked at a second independent internationally accredited lab before entering our own internationally accredited, dedicated and hand-made facility. Your bespoke has its individual nutritional complex calculations provided from our systems the instant they are ordered. They are then printed individually and happily handmade within minutes. Bespoke is ‘competition safe’ to International standards and proven from decades of International winners as well as underwritten by leading insurance company (NFU). Our innovative solution to supplementation has caused a stir in the traditional equine market and any doubts or concerns can be easily overcome by talking to Alex direct – text him on 07771 924374 and he’ll call you straight back.

Horsemanship comes from the heart, Alex Gingell was selected for the British Junior Event team aged 15 along with Tina Gifford and William Fox-Pitt, now Olympic riders. Alex competed regularly against the likes of Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson and was due to fly to Australia on 15.10.90 to ride for Olympic Gold medalist Matt Ryan, a continuation of a fantastic season in the UK where he had already reached 31st in the top 100 riders. He had one more event to try to win at Weston Park. Tragically, rather than the win Alex had hoped for, Alex almost lost his life in a rotational fall in the advanced section on Major Derek Allhusen's Lyric V. He was unconscious for 8 days and hopitalized for a month where had to learn to walk, talk and feed himself again. Once mobile, Alex forced himself to run so his recovery would be accelerated. He ran the Paris Marathon with a time of 4 hours within 2 years of the accident.

It soon dawned on Alex that the best healer was time and that more years were required to achieve full recovery, so he decided to train to become a dressage judge and start a degree. He was accepted on a Ba (Hons) in Equine Studies at the Moreton Morrell (WCA) and passed List 6, 5 and 4 dressage judging in 3 consecutive years.

Alex began to sell branded supplements in a franchise for Horse Health Products UK Ltd in 1996 but it didn't sit very comfortably with him as many of his customers were also personal friends and he knew that many of them would spend money on their horses before themselves, some even living in caravans in order to afford their horses.  He knew he could create better products than the ‘off the shelf’ ones and at a far better price and so he identified a gap in the market. Alex had a natural lead into the racing yards in Newmarket, home to many worlds leading trainers because his Granny Betty and her husband Hugh Gingell owned the Cottenham Point to Point. He began supplying the raw ingredients to trainers in bulk and advising them on how to mix them differently for each different horse's need this was the beginning of bespoke as it is today.

With Alex's horse knowledge and formulation successes coupled with his wife Jayne's blue-chip marketing director status, they set about the challenge of building Hack Up Bespoke as a digital company. Jayne's challenge was to build a website so Alex could share his expertise with the whole of the UK, not just Newmarket and East Anglia.  He could then formulate for each horse's needs and then split the payments of larger orders over two or three months. This effectively gives the everyday rider and competitor the ability to buy larger quantities and making the savings that before only large racing yards could.  It was a complex project but one that she took on with Fizz Equine Marketing Ltd who previously handled campaigns for Albion Saddlemakers, Monarch Equestrian and other brand leading equine companies.  Now the site is processing 40-200 orders each day with the capacity to do 1,000’s on its own brand new dedicated secure server where it houses all the horse's history and formulations as well as customer feedback.

When customers talk to Alex, he can establish training issues as well as supplement requirements, which he shares with the riders. Often, people need calmers to help them overcome an issue that can also be supported through understanding the horse.  As a true horseman, Alex has been formulating nutritional supplements to help the horse and rider combination for many years.  Horses are herd animals with flight instinct. Therefore, the riders fear can influence the horse and if it reacts situations can quickly become dangerous - we want people to stay safe.  Tension and resistance can often be linked to a lack of suppleness and discomfort, because of which horses can form habits to cope. Some of them need to be supplemented to help, and then the behavior is trained out knowledgeably, so having a deep understanding of horses, Alex is in a unique position where he can help steer people and identify when it is time for a vet, physio or over to a local trainer.

Every horse is different; they are individuals whose body responds differently to nutrients. Alex Gingell has decades of experience with the key raw ingredients that are used in bespoke products.  He has listened carefully to the feedback from professional owners, trainers and riders who together have owned 100,000 ’s horses for decades. Feedback is vital to help Hack Up Bespoke team learn more about your horse. The quality of the formulation and its effectiveness often relates to the information given by the owner. We use our knowledge and experience of so many years and 10,000's of horses.  We keep all this information on the sophisticated website so we can refer to it all for years to come was also something Alex insisted he needed to help keep a growing record of results about every horse.

Trained to judge by both David Trott and Inga Briant, Alex became the youngest list 4 judge in the country aged 23, meaning he could judge Advanced event horses at Open Intermediate level.

Alex was a member of the ground jury at Houghton International Event 2014. He has now completed his FEI training and excited to be back on ground juries in the UK this year.

In 2011, as his children began competing, he decided it was time to revisit dressage judging as he had always intended, in association with his growing family's love of riding.  Now Alex judges all over the country although mainly in East Anglia due to his many commitments. Alex always takes dressage judging very seriously and is renowned for reading the situation accurately in tests and the Houghton Hall ground jury experience has spurred him on to get FEI qualified and further up the dressage judging lists. Alex has recently been approached to work with the press to gain support on the dangers of head injuries as sports athletes in their later years. With modern science and findings, there are now new ways to protect the brain as it ages. After losing 15 years of his life to ill health being proactive in getting the best modern care is set to be the focus of the next decade. 

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