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Alex Gingell is often recommending other products for our customers to use. By popular demand these additions are now available to purchase at ROCK BOTTOM prices as a service to customers. They will only CHECKOUT when they are added to your bespoke or pre-formulated in your cart.

Kevin Bacon 1 Litre Original Hoof Dressing

Bespoke hoof supplements are complimented by the brand leading hoof...Read more

Animalintex Hoof Treatment Poultice

The branded poultice that Alex trusts. This pack includes 3 full hoof ...Read more

Animalintex Poultice

Cleaning the wound from inside to out is achieved with ease using this...Read more

Botanica Cleansing Wash

A unique combination of natural herbal ingredients, blended to make a ...Read more

Botanica Fly Spray

Combining a bespoke supplment with the powerful Botanica Fly Spray ...Read more

Botanica Herbal Cream

A unique blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moistu...Read more

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner is an award winning formula that keeps ...Read more

Mega Tek Equine Rebuilder

This fabulous rebuilder only needs to be left on for 5mins and rins...Read more

Micro Tek Shampoo

Micro Tek Shampoo and Micro Tek Spray are an extremely powerful com...Read more

Micro Tek Spray

Micro Tek Shampoo and Micro Tek Spray are an extremely powerful combin...Read more

Orthopaedic Padding Bandage

Popular wound dressing as used by professionals....Read more

Tack Conditioner

Made from the original recipe to condition, protect and add shine to ...Read more

Vet EcoFlex Bandage

Lower cost, highly effectively self sticking adhesive bandage....Read more

Veterinary Cotton Wool Roll

A staple product for everyone’s medical box, which nestles in t...Read more
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