Horse Breathing Supplement - AIR Syrup (1 Litre)

Air 1L

Air 1L

Air 1L
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Maggie Hudak Bunday

Hi I’m Maggie and this is 'Kizzy' my daughter's 19 year old whizzy pony who developed adverse environmental responses a few years ago and suffered from noisy breathing throughout the year. Hack Up Air has been our saviour and helped stop the noisy breathing and got her back to how she was - AMAZING stuff! ..Read more

SAFE AND EASY TO ADMINISTER ORALLY WITH NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS Hack Up Instant Air is an all-natural equine respiratory supplement that is created into a powerful natuual herbal syrup. Proven breathing ingredients honey, oil of eucalyptus and menthol are bleneded with alore vera and apple cider vinagar to sooth. The breathing supplement can be used just prior to work or riding but many riders choose to add it to their forage and feeds when their horse is at rest if they require additional support. Feeding: Administer 10 - 20ml orally by more.

Feeding Instructions:
Administer 10-20ml as required, can be administered in to feed if preferred.

Analytical Constituents:
Moisture: 33% Ash: <0.2% Oil: 0.33% Protein: 1.9% Fibre: <1%

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Plastic supplement pots and pouches are not recycled they go to landfill, help us help our planet and re-use any other storage you already own.

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