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Liquid Air Products

Liquid Air is our powerful liquid that helps horses struggling with respiratory issues. If you are an owner of a horse that struggles when the pollen count is high then be assured we are here to help support you and your horse with knowledge, experience and our completely natural products.

Our Liquid Air is loaded with honey and blended with highly potent and effective aloe vera, ethyl alcohol, apple cider vinegar and menthol, all classic proven respiratory ingredients.

Top Tip: try a tiny bit for yourself, we liken it to a strong fisherman’s friend - that is showing our age in the office! It clears the tubes instantly.

We recommend for best results we also create a daily bespoke created just for your horse. The positive feedback received underlines the increased effectiveness of feeding a targeted Respiratory type of Bespoke formula alongside Liquid Air. Such formulas are highly likely to include fresh and powerful Garlic, Ginger, Peppermint and Chamomile which are all supported by science to help in this area.

Complete a FREE formulation form to enable us to look at the bigger picture and make a formulation. There is no obligation to purchase, we just want the very best for your horse.

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