2 Horse & Hound Award Winning Customers

2 Horse & Hound Award Winning Customers

We are super proud of H&H awards winners who chose to be bespoke customers.

Bespoke has been chosen by two of the prestigious Horse & Hound awards winners! Riders Finn Healy, 15, and Adam Harvey 25 who believe in the benefit of having a tailormade bespoke supplement that they can alter to match the horse's progression throughout the training and competition season. Both riders contacted us to attribute their starting results in the field in 2019 which ended the year for both of them as winners of their Horse and Hound section.   "Both Finn and Adam are incredibly talented riders with capable horses, but neither rider has to the 'top horses' to deliver these results, they are home trained from being youngsters. This is very difficult to achieve and this added recognition is highly prized and so very well deserved. This story is so close to Hack Up Bespoke's founder Alex Gingell "my heart was so set to achieve these type results in my teens and early twenties but my almost fatal fall at an International event put an abrupt end to my career. Being involved in helping these riders get the best nutrition by working with bespoke, enables them to get the best results out of their performances which cumulates to this incredible result." Said Alex Gingell, "Changing the supplement industry was something I set out to do over twenty years ago. These you mens results make me feel like another moment in our innovation's journey has been achieved."

The innovation of this new generation of nutrition harnesses the power of smart technology, we draw off the results of over 26.000 horses where we know their ages, lifestyles, diets and competition requirements. This allows our formulators to be upskilling the companies knowledge to give cutting edge results. It is astounding to think that many of our competitors create equine supplements for herbivores that are not vegetarian and are then packaged in plastic.

Our system is unique in that every single horse or dog has its own dedicated file that the owner can view and then add to. This ensures that our formulators are up to date with how the animal responded as well as any changes in circumstances. We supply fresh small quantities with FREE delivery so that each delivery is powerful and preservatives free, it also allows us to change the formulation to get the best results. New customers use the 50NEW code on your first order to get 50% extra FREE and then select BUY and BOOk membership to get FREE delivery that automatically delivers every 12 weeks thereafter.

With new innovation every few months we just keep working hard to deliver the biggest innovation in the industry for others to follow. Bespoke gets copied but never bettered.


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