2 Horse & Hound Award Winning Customers

2 Horse & Hound Award Winning Customers

Super proud of H&H awards winners who chose to be bespoke!

Bespoke has chosen by two of the prestigious Horse & Hound awards winners! Riders Finn Healy, 15, and Adam Harvey 25 chose bespoke and felt the benefits for themselves. "Both Finn and Adam are incredibly talented riders with capable horses, but neither rider has to the top horses to deliver these results, they are home trained from being youngsters. A huge congratulations to both of them because doing what they are doing is so very difficult, and this recognition is highly prized and deserved. This story so close to my heart, as this was also my dream while I was an International level event riding teenager, but my almost fatal accident changed my path.  Being involved in helping these riders get the best nutrition by working with bespoke, to enable them to get the best results out in their performances cumulates to this incredible result." Said Alex Gingell, "Changing the supplement industry was something I set out to do, over 25 years ago, and this feels like another moment where we have achieved just that.

The innovation of new generation nutrition has become part of these young riders' routine.   Nothing stays the same, and a static supplement can never deliver what bespoke can. It takes time, experience, and knowledge but because of our digital route to market what has removed the cost. As our riders harness the power of their horses, we have to harness the power of automation, so bespoke never costs you more than a shop sold static supplement. 

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