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20% extra free for DIGESTION

We are becoming the 'turn to' company for digestion.

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As routines change from being predominantly out to being predominantly in, many horses struggle with the change. The daylight hours reduce, the grazing available reduced and the introduction of rugs (making them sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold), it's an unsettling time for many of the 'less hardy' breeds.

A key factor is a decrease in fibre intake, that's necessary to reduce 'splash back' in the stomach. Horses are trickle feeders and not 'meal' animals, so for those that are most susceptible, feed little and often and offer adlib hay too.

Also, if you have a bespoke formula with digestive ingredients it may be wise to increase the amount you feed to ensure you are keeping up with the added demands that the digestive system is requiring.

If you want/need digestive components added to your formula, please let us know via the Refine facility. We have a fast growing inventory of fresh, powerful ingredients that help to tick this box effectively including Spirulina, Chamomile, Peppermint, Zeolite and a Pre & Probiotic blend second to none.

Get 20% extra free in your first kilo (of any size purchased). For formulas with 'Digest' in the title.

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