50% extra FREE Celebrate! 50SAFE

50% extra FREE Celebrate! 50SAFE

Our checkout now has an option for cardless instant banking - it uses face authentication as part of it security!

50% extra FREE in every bespoke and size to celebrate the complex completion of the award winning Instant Bank Transfer which is all tested and launched in time for Bank Holiday Easter! This state-of-the-art face authentication mobile payment gateway enables you to complete your purchase without the use of cards.  With the rise of fraudulent activity, we have ensured that our site is the most up-to-date in the industry to protect you, our customer. All banks are now asking for extra authentication on their systems and with so many browsers and devices sometimes there are blips. Nuapay give our tech team the details of every transaction and confirmation that the bank is needing to do the internal approvals, so we can use our customer service levels to help you with any frustrations with payments.  Our amazing team only partners with amazing award-winning companies, so any problems are solved securely giving you a super safe journey.  This system is also linked to instant direct debit for the monthly subscriptions that are soon to be available to everyone. This will be Buy and Book Monthly with the same service levels, flexibility and capability to change every product for every delivery, if required,  but rather than split into three payments and then renewed to keep the card data safe, it is a monthly fee then we deliver every three months with FREE delivery. There will be a SET UP MY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE section of the site launching in May!

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