B&B Annual is ALWAYS price protected

B&B Annual is ALWAYS price protected

Our most affordable way to buy is price-protected against every offer we create

Bespoke supplements, bespoke ingredients, bespoke customer service and bespoke offers. Every effort is taken as a thank you to our most loyal and discounted customers to always protect the price you pay.

As prices are rising we are becoming increasingly creative with offering ways that work for everyone, with every budget, to give the best supplements to your animals.

Direct Debit is something that many have requested, this is now live. You can pay monthly or the pay in 3 payments with a 9 month break. Both of these facilities are by face activation cardless banking: you just need your banking app on your phone to set this up. 

Every file for every customer is unique, therefore we have to create every product offering for you, personally. We have automated the process of you telling us to do this. So when you hit the link on the home page we know what you are wanting us to do - so we will busily get to work behind the scenes to give you everything you are asking for.

Never forget the power of the voice conversation, our lines are open and we are happy to chat by video too, if you prefer. Our camaras are now in our handmaking factory so you can also request to see us make your product and see it is fresh, pure and preservative free!



  • Hack up bespoke team

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