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Competition Safe Guarantee

Riders from FEI to affiliated levels get our guarantee, for risk-free, peace of mind competitions.

Nothing can be more frustrating than falling foul of a competition rule! Hack Up Bespoke GUARANTEE your safety with supplements and nutritional support. Handcrafting supplements to the highest quality and control at the International level is managed with the team and external auditors of ISO9001.  Your unique supplement is its own batch and your digital dedicated file also houses all the batch numbers and ingredients within your supplement, so total traceability and security can be presented to the vet, or authorities wherever you need them.
Riding FEI creates lots of new rules, but so does the step up from local competition to affiliated. Our team of experts are educated to guide you securely through the steps of stepping up in your competition levels.
"My first personal experience of being a rider who is accountable for everything my horse digests was a real eye-opener.  I was told to use the FEI feed checker online and talk to my feed suppliers.  This left me open to risks that only our experts identified, there were restricted ingredients in three of the herbs that when fed combined could put me at risk of failing a blood test! This motivated me to share my experience with others and we created the FEI feed checker to allow our educated team to support other riders. We even provide you with a digital display to present to competition vets if required, that offers all the traceability right down to the batch numbers of every herb in the supplement." says Jayne Gingell, Director & BD competitor.
Simply tick FEI feed checker on the Interactive form for our team to get to work for you. Log in and Get Started this information will then prompt a call and more work to ensure you files are all ready for checking at competitions.

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