Hand sanitisers Covid 10% extra FREE
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COVID10 - 10% extra FREE and FREE 500mls hand sanitiser ends 27th September

10% extra FREE for all bespokes and a FREE 500ml refill pouch of superior quality hand sanitiser.

EXTRA- FREE mid month offer to reflect these changing times, our superior hand sanitiser will help you to stay safe and get more of what you LOVE with 10% extra FREE in every bespoke all 1kg orders will charge £7.00 delivery but 2kg will be entitled to FREE delivery and simply select to split your payments on the checkout to spread the total sum evernly over two months.

FREE hand sanitiser worth £15.99. The 75% IPA alcohol hand sanitiser with added aloe vera adds safety to your day.

The Buy and Book will always remain the cheapest option per gram, but we felt we needed to reflect the worldwide economic change.  We know you all love your horses, love your dogs, love your bespoke, and we want to work with everyone, whatever their circumstances to make bespoke as achieveable as possible.

The 20JOINTS offer will run until 30.9.20 it will also give you a FREE hand sanitiser. Only one code can be applied to your order, it is your choice which works for you.

Waterproof and washable facemasks are in stock and very comfortable to wear, add one into your cart and stay safe.

*hand sanitizers until stocks last.

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