Dressage RingCraft clinic number 6 was the best yet..

Dressage RingCraft clinic number 6 was the best yet..

A full day at Sarah Burton's Moor End Stables, Hempstead, Saffron Walden AND the weather was relatively kind too!

Sarah and Alex go way back ... right to PC days in the Newmarket & Thurlow. They taught alongside each other in the early 1990's and when Alex began his career in equine supplementation as sales director for Horse Health Products UK Ltd, Sarah was one of his very first customers.
Fast forward 20 years, and Sarah is a loyal Hack Up Bespoke Buy & Book customer who has many horses thriving on Bespoke and many of her liveries choose to use Hack Up for their horses too.
In recent years, Sarah has turned her focus more towards dressage and has often found herself at X or G saluting Alex at C. Once the new ringcraft format was underway, Sarah jumped at the chance of getting one planned for her yard for 21st August.
Feedback coming in from the ladies at Moor End ....

Ruth Armstrong - "Thank you so much for a fabulous and informative clinic Alex Gingell and Sarah! Mum, Timmy and I really enjoyed it! I have never done a test riding clinic before and would definitely recommend it!"

Ellie Wolmark - "It was so helpful to hear your thoughts as it was happening, really enlightening and thanks so much for the tips and exercises to practice too!! Hoping we can do you proud at Finchingfield tomorrow!! Thanks so much. Would highly recommend the experience!! Wonky says he's quite tired this evening!!"

.... at competition the very next day "We got 65% and 3rd!!! Thanks for your help yesterday, was brilliant and was thinking rounder, rounder, rounder!!"

Lilly Merritt - "Thank you so much for today I learnt so much and my last dressage test felt amazing I will definitely be up for another clinic hopefully on my tb too."


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