Dressage RingCraft clinics are Kicking off accross the UK

Dressage RingCraft clinics are Kicking off accross the UK

Finally we're out competing again!! But perhaps a little rusty with ringcraft??

With 5 successful RingCraft clinics in the last 8 weeks, clinics are filling up as accross the country and slots are being filled as far as Nottinghamshire for 25th September. Thrilled not to be glued to his laptop every weekend as well as workdays, Alex is stretching his wings to help people get the marks they deserve inside those white boards.

It's not about training, it's about getting the VERY BEST marks you can from your horse, the way he is at the competition, at the time.


"If you've put the work in, then you deserve to get a good result back."

"Open your mind to seeing things from a different perspective, you might just surprise yourself."


The way is works ....

So we start off by putting an earpiece on you, so I dont need to shout :) and you can hear my comments when judging you from C at the end of the session.

- Then we allow you to warm up over 5 -10mins discussing what level you're at, the marks you usually get, the comments you usually get..

- Then we talk about quality within the 3 paces. The adjustments you can make to improve your marks on this quality. How is feels on top when the quality is 6, 6.5, 7, or even 8-9. Whether the feel on top actually matches the appearance from the floor.

- Other aspects possibly like everything feeling fab, when actually the mouth is wide open and not tracking up in working trot..

- Then we talk through, ride different movements at your level, IE the stretch, the give-retake, change of rein through trot, simple changes, leg yields, through to half pass and extended movements and changes ..

- Then, if required, we ride through and dissect a particular test, whilst getting the best quality of work to get the best marks. It's about riding the most suitable way with the horse that you've got. So we talk about how to limit the bad movements too.

- Ringcraft pointers to encourage the judge to go up 1/2 a mark as opposed to go down 1/2 a mark. Also, I welcome anyone wanting to sit in with me whilst training others too.

- Training techniques for you to take away and work on with your trainer, to make your horse more capable to deliver for you, on the day.

- Stay for a few hours. Write a test sheet out for me whilst I judge. See what we see from C and better understand how the marks you get are arrived at.”


28th August - Alex is at Topthorn Arena, Grove Farm, Debenham Rd, Stowmarket IP14 6BX and will be judging and training himself. Attendees are welcome to sit in for a few hours after their session.

5 slots out of 8 left as at (25.8.21) - 3 horses lame and everyone else is at Keysoe!!


4th September - Alex is at Hubbards Hall Farm, The Cottage, Bentley, Ipswich IP9 2LS, courtesy of Mike and Sarah Hallows.

3 slots available as at (25.8.21)


25th September - Alex is with Emma Jablonski. Address: 18 Stoney Lane Selston, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. United Kingdom. NG16 6ET

6 slots out of 16 available as at (21.8.21)


"These clinics enable some to try working at a higher level if they want to give it a go, but that wasn't the main purpose of this days. It's really to enable competitors to produce the most attractive work possible at the level they are competing at and to get higher marks than they usually get. That in itself will build confidence to progress up the levels.

The last thing I want to encourage is someone struggling to get a connection to get a 60% in a novice. I'd much rather help them get an intro or prelim nailed by working on connection in easier movements first. It's about filling in the jigsaw pieces first at the bottom before going higher. Otherwise the risk is that the holes at the bottom will make it all fall down later on. 68 - 70% consistantly at a level means you're ready to go up.

More important than accuracy by far, is the quality of work within the pace. Judges are encouraged to reflect quality first and foremost. As a rider, the work below you can feel great, but look just satisfactory. Conversely the opposite is true too. Feeling the feel of your horse doing 'good work(8)' as opposed to 'fairly good(7)' or 'satisfactory(6)' work is key with all 3 paces. Riding for the feel is after all one of my tips. https://hackup.co.uk/case.../dressage-tip-detail/riding-feel. You need to know the feel you're aiming for in each pace on each individual horse, as they're all different.

Get that box ticked first.

Then, if you're looking at maxing out on a particular test, we can take it apart, identifying the individual movements paying close attention to where your strong areas are and the transitions and movements you need to nail to get high marks. Also where your weaknesses are and how to limit the risk of a low mark. Well, with me in your ear (in earpiece), advising you on where you are markwise with the quality of your work, we can then dot the i's and cross the t's with ringcraft and perfecting test execution, within your capabilities."


If you're interested in Alex coming to your area to run a clinic, please get in touch.

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