Dressage RingCraft feedback rolls in from the Scots.

Dressage RingCraft feedback rolls in from the Scots.

Humbled by the demand for these clinics right to the tip of Scotland, and keeping me busy for 2 full weeks too.

Clinic communication is done on WhatsAp and my mobile was Pinging non-stop whilst I was north of the border, just as much as it is south! Here's a compilation of messages from lovely Scots with their honest feedback on their RingCraft experience.

"Great having you here & really got a huge amount from both sessions, Cassie felt a lot better today after yesterday session . looking forward to Septembers for another 2 sessions"

Lorna Stewart - Coxhill Farm & Livery Yard, Falkirk


"Thank you Alex for an amazing session. I feel as though I’ve turned a corner and the session was challenging but well worth it. Please sign me up for the next one! Xx"

Maryam Labaki from Coxhill Farm & Livery Yard, Falkirk


"Yea I would echo the above as well! I learned loads and would defo book again. I was raving about it to others back at the yard. Shame my horse became a Twaticus towards to end but will defo explore reasons for behaviour. Either of those dates suit me. If you post on Facebook tag me so I can share x"

Melanie McIntosh at Coxhill Farm & Livery Yard, Falkirk


"I totally enjoyed my session too!!! Great fun and very informative!!! "

Kathleen Murray at the Cabin EC Inverurie, Aberdeen.


"Lovely to meet you too, thanks for a great session!"

Jill and Laila Bedawi at the Cabin EC Inverurie, Aberdeen.


"Many thanks for today Alex, I got alot out of our session and oh boy Buster was sweaty, I had to give him a bath afterwards. I am away to order elastic side reins for when I lunge and see if that helps him and make my job a tad easier. Thanks again, enjoy your walk. xx"

Kate Marshall at the Cabin EC Inverurie, Aberdeen.


"Alex Gingell, your prediction was right for our first dressage comp - we got 59.61% in prelim 13 for a 4th place (many spooks at the judges end, and managed just shy of 63% in prelim 14 for 3rd, less than 1 percentage point behind 1st!"

Kerry Balment at Ladyleys, Aberdeenshire.


"Thank-you! it was very helpful and I’ve plenty of homework to be going on with. My horse had a shower and I was very tempted to get under the hose with her"

Claire Thain at Ladyleys, Aberdeenshire.


"Looking back at the videos was really useful! The 2nd test, although I didn’t feel a huge difference actually looked a whole lot better. Lots and lots of homework. Thanks!"

Lisa west at Ladyleys, Aberdeenshire.


"Thank you I got lots from the sessions I'll be watching the videos loads"

Niamh Meehan at Ladyleys, Aberdeenshire.


"I loved my session. Will take lots from your input and would definitely do it again."

Zoe Fairclough at Ladyleys, Aberdeenshire.


"I have been watching my videos back and it’s great to hear the commentary again as I watch, brilliant idea!!"

Kerry Balment at Ladyleys, Aberdeenshire.


"Yaaasss!. 69.2 in our prelim 18. Best score to date! Thanks so much for Wednesday. One more to go… And a 69.8! So grateful for your help! Will see who I can encourage. Well worth it for anyone competing. I’d like to do it again in Sept definitely"

Morag Turnbull at RashCrook, Elgin, way up the freakin top of Scotland.


"BE100 today. Only went and got a 26 dressage! One 5 for walk as we ended up a bit too active otherwise nothing below a 7. Possibly a bot generously marked but still best we've had. Then went DC and finished 6th"

Dawn Eddie from the Cabin EC Inverurie, Aberdeen.

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