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What a wonderful comeptition, thank you to everyone. The girls had to say no to so many they wanted to say YES to so have asked for everyone to WIN something for entering such great stories.

We had over 500 entreies tot heh competiion with a reach of over 10,000 riders! What a huge sucess and shows just how much love there is for our horses and bespoke. The winners represent a wide range of horses disaplines and dreams, it totally shows the diverse type of riders we have the pleasure of working with every day.  A huge thank you to Ellie Healy for taking her time to review the finalists and pick the winners whilst inspiring our own Katya Gingell to be the best rider she can be and stay kind and generous to all.

Nutrition and wellbeing have become such huge trends in the past ten years, our youth generation have a huge appreciation of what amazing herbs and minerals can do for their horses and dogs wellbeing. Ellie Healy won her Gold European medal on Casper who she herself trained from a 4 year old. He was on a bespoke from the day she started working him andhas agreed to use her social presence to support us. Sarah Healy trains many of the young event riders and Nora Corker is also using her social profile whilst Katya Gingell has such a huge love of the business and her ponies, her involvement is motivated by how much better her ponies feel on bespoke.

It is something we have embraced with our new campaign of the Future Generations. It really brings our expert knowledge, and love of our own animals and children to the front of our innovative company.

The innovation of bespoke is only made possible by the huge movements in the technology industry and the combination of youth and technology is the future.

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