Extra 20% FREE for bespokes with digest in the title for the first 1kg of all sizes til 31.10.19

Extra 20% FREE for bespokes with digest in the title for the first 1kg of all sizes til 31.10.19

Our formulators love this time of year when they refine formulations for more powerful results.

October coupon code - DIGEST

20% extra FREE for the first 1kg of any size of bespoke with the word digest in it's title, until the 31st October 2019.

Autumn is upon us and our horses' forage and routine are changing and for some horses this means a change in their behaviour. The sugars in the grass are altering as is the quality. As formulators we are here to help ensure your horse's gut health is looked after throughout the year. This is a good time to evaluate what you are feeding and to discuss with us any changes in behaviour so that we can refine your bespoke to ensure your horse is getting maximum support. Our new site allows us to share what we can do with ingredients and why.

Zeolite is added to bespoke supplements by our formulators as it's an effective tummy settler as well as a powerful detoxing ingredient. It works well as a stand-alone detox but really comes into its own when it is combined in balanced ratios with other herbs and mineral which travel through the digestive system with the zeolite enabling the powerful active ingredients to be absorbed more readily.

Peppermint has been a key ingredient for our bespokes and support both horses' or dogs' digestion. It was only last month that, after food poisoning, one of our directors had peppermint oil prescribed via the GP! This has confirmed the importance of this ingredient in our digestive bespokes and the benefits it has for our animals.

There are only four Pre & Probiotics in the UK that can be used for animals. When Hack Up Bespoke first became digital we were using the leading brands Pre & Probiotic. SInce then, a more powerful product was approved, so we changed to ensure that we were providing the most active ingredient available.

Garlic is great for immunity so it is used for some horses throughout the year. When herbs are crushed to create our fresh powders the process releases the potent active ingredients, just think in your cooking, a garlic crusher - it releases the flavor and its additional health benefits.

We successfully provide support for 1000s of horses throughout these changes providing Winter and Summer solutions. Autumn is a key time to change, refine an existing bespoke or add a new bespoke to ensure your horse remains in top form throughout the winter.

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