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Form or Fasttrack two ways to bespoke

Fast track to bespoke. Start with a product and then we review and refine for the optimum results.

We are listening to our customers and doing it differently again! With 2 million handmade products under our belt, we have a strong idea of where most situations need to start - the rest of the innovation is what we call REFINE.  Now you can start with a product and then review the results and refine it with our experts after the first 14 days of results. We will contact you personally and bespoke your customer service too, we work to your agenda, not ours. The motive is the love and care for your animal because that is at the heart of every working day for us.

The Review and Refine part of the Bespoke journey begins a few weeks after starting your first product. The customer results are often outstanding and almost always better than the results they have ever seen from a static supplement option. The price points are often lower than shop-sold products and the need for fillers, buffers, sugars and preservatives is removed, due to our unique same-day handmade manufacturing factory.

Teams of experts work hard and fast to offer you solutions to support your horses or dogs. The factory is all ISO approved to the highest standards and in line with all competition authorities and legislators. Top professional riders love to feel our results and many rehab owners reach out for the support and advice in those hard months and years of bringing a horse back into competition. Our customers are the most discerning riders, they have an interest in their horse's diet and nutrition. We work in with their physio, farriers and vets to support the whole team. Often over-ponied children need support until they crack the new relationship with that pony. Whatever the level, whatever the issues, the 74 herbs and minerals are hand-selected individually and combined into a unique blend that works well for your horse. This is what we have been delivering for almost a decade online. As the world rushed to online purchasing during lockdown we stayed in our area of expertise and created faster systems to ensure we keep in touch with 1000s of customers and where are there at the key times we know they will most likely be ready for reviews. We also are happy to stand back and just let the products do their work whilst there are few changes in the horse's life. Whatever it is you need, we work for you - bespoke is not only the product, it is the customer service, expertise, and support too.

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