FREE points

FREE points

Two great benefits together, tell your friends about bespoke and get extra free points towards bespoke branding clothing.

Bespoke began as a digital phenomenon in 2015. By 2016 over 450 new customers were signing up per month and 80% staying as customers for years.  Black Friday saw an order arriving every 20 seconds our service levels remained high with the products handmade to order and despatched the same day. We also wanted to stay true to our core values of being grateful to every customers who was loyal and who made recommendations.  Where once we could personally thank you, we felt we had to make sure we did not miss anyone out, so now we have it automated. Our heartfelt thanks is in every text that is ever sent as a thank you with FREE points as our gesture of how grateful we feel.

When you Invite a friend to buy bespoke, they get a friend share code, as soon as they order they share this with you  - pop the code on your bespoke page 'friend share code' and you each share 4 extra FREE points. We will text you back to thank you personally and to confirm the points have been confirmed.

"I started my horses on Bespoke and then began to ask clients if they knew of this new way to supplement, I was amazed to hear such positive, consistent feedback wherever I train in the UK. I have invited many riders to join this amazing journey, and now we get free points too!" Emma Woolley International Dressage Rider based at Keysoe Equestrian College.

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