International Supplement & Feed Checking

International Supplement & Feed Checking

Riding FEI is a proud feeling which brought with it some new lessons on feeding and supplementing. Our formulators were amazing support and now we are sharing it for everyone.

The rules of riding International are quite rightly very strict to ensure that no horses compete unless they are completely fit and well, However, rule 10.4 requires new lessons, that the rider becomes responsible for, that is almost impossible to learn due to so little data in the market. Our amazing formulators had to answers as to what substances were inside every herbal supplement and feed, but it certainly was not common knowledge or easy for a competitor to gleen. The void of information is due to the EU legislation for labeling of feed and supplements versus the avoidance of naturally occurring substances in some herbs and grasses. This new service builds the bridge for riders with our knowledge and expertise in herbs and minerals.

The substances that are tested for are not ingredients in your feed or your supplements. They do not show up on the Ap we are told to use. Some are naturally occurring in forage and grass. There is no other company that has a digital record, log, of your horse's grazing location, your horse's feed, and your level of competition. There is no company that has formulators trained to this level of competition, quite simply because the masses are not affected by it.

Our new 2020 feed and supplement checker is now LIVE! Luke Baber Davis International rider and trainer has been training with Jayne Gingell for over 4 years. "The care, knowledge, and insight of being trailblazers in the supplement industry coupled with a high level of competition, is giving us a new level of knowledge.  The new feature also enables me to store all my own information that is required at this level for competitions. The innovation brings with it a level of organization that will support me and my team and I can gain access to it as soon as I log in.  As riders are responsible for everything our horses ingest and now we have a backup system that will support us as individuals." says Luke.

The doorstep next day delivery is also going to keep us safe as online becomes such an important way to buy in our future.

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