Lisa White

"This company, its products and their results have been impressing me since 2015 and I can not recommend them highly enough."


Lisa White is an FEI International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer. Her clients achievements include FEI International Grand Prix dressage, 5* winning International Horse Trials, Olympic and World Team Bronze medals, European Championships, Team Gold Medal European Young Rider Championship, Individual Gold Medal Baulkan Games Dressage, Nations Cup Team riders for Eventing and Show Jumping, European Dressage Junior Championship, and numerous international wins. "I am honoured to work with some of the best riders in the world. I realised that to help them achieve international success I needed to dedicate myself completely to helping my riders at the exclusion of my own personal goals. So after arrowly missing out on another Olympic dream I chose to dedicate myself to being the best international trainer I could be. I am learning every day. I work with International Team riders in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping which gives me broad experience with the the unique and very common problems we face as riders. I try and ride at the very least a few of the horses of each of my clients. This gives me an insight into the characteristics of the rider. The horse always tells me, it is a useful tool to understand the rider through their horses. I love that every single horse and rider combination is different. However my single goal is to help a rider influence their horse without strength, force or effort. Only this approach works long term, everything else is for the short term and will be paid for later with a problem. I absolutely will not compromise on that, I truly believe that only a horse, ridden with kindness, feel, respect and harmony will ever work in the long term. I have made many mistakes and seen many mistakes, and I know that deep down nothing matters but the truth of the feel. When it feels good, the horse will be happy. This is one of the main reasons I was drawn to HackUp Bespoke. I used the products with my own horses, and I recommend this company to my clients. I was not sponsored or paid to do this, I chose to purchase their product as I felt it was the best. I truly feel we have a similar ethos to trust the truth of how the horses feel. I like that they do not pay professionals to use their products in the hope that the amateur market will follow suit. They absolutely rely on the performance of the products. I also love their commitment to the environment in becoming the first in their industry to ban plastic pots and only supply scoops on request. I believe their commitment to the very best raw ingredients, a bespoke approach of making a formula specific to each horse, a refusal to pay people to promote their products and the commitment to the environment makes them stand alone in their industry.

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