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Nanotech Reuseable Facemasks

Tailored for the perfect fit, this cutting edge technology remains active for 100 cool washes. making the cost per wear 14p whereas disposable masks average 40p.

The washable facemasks are tested and designed to keep the pressure of the medical team's supply of the 11R rated masks. As commercial and innovations in the world work together to keep us safe. We are proud to be able to use all our rapid Internationally accredited systems to reach to 1000's of our clients and beyond.

The innovation of the patented Nanotech technology that is woven into these facemasks at a company that is nestled deep into the Pennine hillside is now being tested at the Chinese Academy of Sciences following a  European protocol to test the fabric’s anti-viral activity masks and protective textile equipment that have proven effective in blocking the penetration of bacteria and fungus. Now it's believed the same method could also be beneficial to halt viruses, and could be effective in helping halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Testing has demonstrated clear bactericidal activity against a broad spectrum of infections in laboratory tests,” he said. A pilot study at a European hospital showed that when the impregnated fabrics were used in protective clothing, there was a “significant reduction” of infections.

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