Nicola Haden-Scott
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Hack up bespoke team

Nicola our expert completes her 9th year in her dream job.

Her baby in our Hack Up Bespoke illustrates that bespoke supplements are her lifestyle and not just her dream job.

The role at Hack Up Bespoke has evolved in front of my eyes "I first saw this company back in 2012. I had already gained my Equine Sports Science degree and worked on various hunt and competition yards and ended up working freelance with horses which ended up far from where I thought I should be with my depth of education. I contemplated being a lecturer but felt far more at home in the world of animals.  The concept of Bespoke ran true to my heart as well as my head. I knew all horses are different so why should one product fit all? I contacted Alex and Jayne out of the blue and they, luckily for me, liked what they saw and heard and created a role for me."

"Fast forward several years, I have expanded even more on my knowledge after studying Canine Health and Nutrition and Canine Holistic Health. This expands our potential to help far more animals now. After having made over a million handmade products we have grown from a small shed to a big office. We have made thousands of phone calls to customers. We have first-hand experience with a vast variety of people and their pets, gaining more insight into what our customers want. This is what I love to share, and with as many people as possible." says Nicola

"The power of the historic herbs and minerals is based on proven results from ancient times. Modern-day medical research and science work to prove a process, not necessarily to create something new. Working alongside nature; preserving, supporting and improving quality of life. Even packaging our bespoke formulations into eco-friendly packaging all fit with the world I want to raise my family in, including my dog and horse family too."

"My role is also based around owners' own feedback and the knowledge of their own animals and their responses. There is never a static response to a fluid situation but there are certain factors that run as positive patterns and trends in the work my team and I do. Leading a team of superb communicators and experts in their field makes my role really rewarding. Spending every day supporting kind, loving people to strive to do the best they can in their world for the good of their animal's well-being is rewarding."



  • Hack up bespoke team

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