PREBLACK 50% extra FREE in the first 1kg

PREBLACK 50% extra FREE in the first 1kg

PREBLACK STARTS TODAY for all existing customers who want to take advantage of 50% extra FREE bespoke!!


You LOVE a deal and our Black Friday has become a tradition for Bespoke!!! 50% extra FREE product and the option to delay delivery, we have dates until the end of February available - so you can pre-order NOW and we will handmake it fresh for you just before we despatch on your chosen date.

Refine your formulation prior to placing your order, we have some new ingredients that we can work with so hit the refine button under your BUY NOW and Alex, Nic and Andie will be fast at work to make any changes that they recommend.

The team at Horse & Hound will be reaching out to NEW customers next week, so we just wanted to get our very special existing customers in before the rush! We have an exciting new campaign that will launch for completely new customers - so we are looking forwards to seeing the response!

The Buy and Book and now monthly subscription options from £34 per month are the most popular way to buy Bespoke. These options have the extra bonus of FREE delivery - once you have bagged this bargain offer - and got enough bespoke to get you past Christmas, these options are a great way to buy early next year when you are ready to re-purchase.

We would all like to thank you for your loyalty to our innovation. Every day we remind ourselves, that this amazing journey has only been made possible by all of you - thank you for trusting in our vision and letting us  lead you to the most effective way to supplement your horse/pony/dog. 


  • Hack up bespoke team

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