Refine changes your bespoke MEET Nicola who leads the team.

Refine changes your bespoke MEET Nicola who leads the team.

20SEASONAL LAST DAY is now for ALL bespoke powders to celebrate our Ever-Changing Individual Holistic Health Support and Supplements.

Bespoke supplements keep changing, it's what we call REFINE, log into your account and see under your BUY NOW button REFINE. This has a live link to Nicola and her team of experts. They alter the herbs and minerals they select and have total control free on how much of each they use, based on 1000's of horses results and digital data.

Over 100k worth of investment has been made in bespoke systems and premises over the past year. Next week we move to our purpose-built high tech handmaking factory where we will be streaming the handmaking and refine process to every client who wants to see how our incredible team can actually handmake individual products within minutes of the refine being made. 'Seeing is Believing' starts in April!

Nicola is heading up this new drive forwards "I have been here nearly 10 years. I started working in the equine industry after gaining my degree nearly 20 years ago so I have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The bespoke products were always created with Alex Gingell . As Alex now furthers his Ringcraft Tour I am being encouraged out of my backseat to lead my team of experts into the next decade of bespoke - which is hugely exciting for us."




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