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Smarty Pants is the little lad with the MASSIVE heart!

Age 16 has just undergone a big emergency operation and is doing well! Join us in our celebration and use the KICK ON PANTS code for dog bespokes this month.

SMARTY PANTS - The little dog with a huge heart is loved by so many on facebook.  Following a disagreement with another dog on a walk he underwent a general op and had a week of meds and drains. As soon as that cleared up, he had what seems to be a stroke of sorts and showed clear symptoms of vestibular syndrome. He literally couldn't walk straight, kept falling over and had a flickering in his eyes. His head would tilt and he'd stare up into the sky (or at the ceiling) and topple over to the right.

There are tablets he can take that could help but have side effects that can be unpleasant, so we've decided to give him time, space and a blend of natural ingredients in a bespoke formula AND a load of love, to support the little fella.

Our dog bespoke formulas have been developed hand in hand with professional dog trainers, behaviourists and vet nurses. The results are awesome.

For canine orders  -  The KICK ON PANTS coupon code is active and being used every day and is now there for all to use for the entire month of November. This will give you 75% extra free bespoke product in 250g orders and 50% extra free in 500g orders.

The Buy & Book facility still represents the best value purchase.

WHY??  Because we know first hand just how much we all love and need our dogs right now.



  • Hack up bespoke team

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