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This week's issue shows our heritage at it's best. Betty Gingell credited with her HOYS wins in print, 30 years after we lost her.

Betty Gingell was an infamous horse lady. Her lessons of feeding and horsemanship have been passed to our founder Alex Gingell in a subliminal manner, making it his instinct to know what to feed each horse according to their work level, from happy hacker to competition horse. The innovation of bespoke is changing the way we supplement our horses which is why there are so many honest stories on our site and all over social networking. When you find something that makes such a massive difference, you want to tell the world.

We are just as proud of our heritage as our results. Quite how Alex, after suffering an almost fatal fall aged 19, has moved his life into the digital world with such an innovative concept is another Gingell success story. Recently Rachel Walden, one of our customers and daughter of the professional footballer Rod Taylor, contacted us after discussing Alex's TBI (traumatic brain injury) with Jayne, his wife. Rachel sought the advice of Consultant Neuropathologist Dr Stewart, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow, who looked at her fathers' brain after he passed away in April 2018.

Alex will now be seen by a leading Consultant Neurologist based at the National Hospital of Neurology. We aim to gain insight into the recovery of Alex's brain 30 years post-accident.

Alex is particularly interesting for science as his TBI was at the time of brain growth, so his results can help research into the long term effects and recovery, which in turn is hoped to support other families who are unfortunate enough to have children who suffer bad falls. Alex's remarkable recovery needs to be understood to further science and enhance the work that the industry is making with helmet testing and development.  With the pressure exposure that Bespoke can give to Alex to reach out to other TBI sufferers, it is hoped that we as a company will be able to raise awareness, information, and support in the coming months and years.

The power of Bespoke is locked deep into the data that is all dynamically linked with incredible digital skills. We have taken the lessons from bygone days into our future for generations of Gingell's to develop. This successful supplement company will benefit dog and horse owners now and in the future. We thank every single customer from the bottom of our hearts for being open-minded and vocal to enable us to spread the word of this innovative approach to supplementation.

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