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We are OPEN as keyworkers in this lock-down your supply line is safe

As registered manufacturers of horse and dog feed stuffs our isolation in our rural your dedicated factory ensures your supply.

Every member of our fabulous supply chain and hand crafting team are working round the clock to change as fast as is required, to keep your bespokes deliverying to you just as you need them - even through this crisis and it will maintain during this lock down.

Many of the Brexit preparations are now ensuring that the continuous supply lines are secure and as China is now reopening we are able to confirm that we have on the premises stock of every ingredient till June and in the UK till August and beyond. This UK stock hold has been times ironically perfectly inline with the changing lockdown status in China.

Our exceptional technical development team are based in India, they are now in total lockdown for three weeks with only the emergency services allowed to move. Out team are now all connected with fabulous IT systems and are out of the cities. Having insight into the European issues enabled us to request they relocated just 12 hours ahead of their own lockdown.

Our ingredients for calmness and Instant Calming are higher than normal to ensure there is enough support for competition fit horses to cope with a slow down in their work load and routine.

We will continue to forward plan to ensure that you are not negatively affected and will soon be offering extra support posts too.

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