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BD Youth

BD Youth is for young dressage riders of all levels aged 6 - 25. It is headed up by the excpetionally experienced and very lovely Pippa Coles who bellieves in making dressage fun and helping your riders advance though the levels using the proven BD pathway illustrated.  The aim of BD Youth is to develop the best riders in the East everyone starting under 12 is a Fledling U12 and starts at the walk trot tests and prelim level to help them start on their dressgae journey with solid and correct foundations then the training continues to support improvement in their riding and overall horsemanship.

Everyone is welcome and in fact it is so friendly that families from out of the region travel to be part of what is on offer. The Eastern team prides itself on being open and friendly whilst offering the best support and knowledge.  The fabulous Jessica Brown heads up the Youth team. The supportive, enthusiastic and motivational environment enables the children without dressage ponies to enjoy the sport whilst learning how to get the best from their much loved four legged friends. The BD Youth annual camps are fabulous events running in the spring and autumn, these bond all the riders and trainers and enables teams to be identified if riders want to be team riders. The energy and learning from the camp sets the goals for the year and drives success and development.

The BD Youth key dates are planned to help the children focus on developing their training so that they are fully prepared for affiliated competitions. There is also a complete understanding of the hands on role of the parent away from training. On these days the parents can watch their child's transformation under the guidance of a professional and then take on board the homework that their child needs to work on before the next training opportunity. At all times, it is low key, low pressure and fun.  The aim of the day is for the children to follow the adults' lead so support for the parents is there at all times too, from each other as well as from the fabulous Katharine Perry.  As everyone is a pony mum, empathy is the name of the game!

If you are new to dressage with your child don't feel out of your depth or worried just join in, chat to the more experienced parents and the trainers and learn as you go. Key dates to get booked in to are:

5th May BD Squadding at College at Milton

See Satalite camps for more training and test riding of all levels and all ages.


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