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Are you now eligible to get your older horse back on the competition circuit, or training to go up the levels?

KEYSOE For Key Disciplines

Keysoe Equestrian Centre is an international event centre located in the East and is home to all equestrian disciplnes. 

British Dressage host many of their training, camps, satalite camps and National compeitions at Keysoe.  BD Affiliated competitions are also held at this venue. The facilities include a fabulous designer shop, cafe and 5 fabulous arenas, indoor and outdoor.  The sound system is impressive and creates a fabulous atmosphere for the dressage to music classes.

Keysoe offer BD a very relaxed easy going environment to run their events. The centre has a friendly family feeling that extends out to the camps and training events throughout the year.

Owners, Simon and Alex and Hack Up Bespoke, have joined forces to create the ultimate experience for the Keysoe customer.  They are working together to go the extra mile for their clients and riders.

If you are luckly enough to be in the top three at one of the premier shows at Keysoe you can now proudly receive your prize  standing on the Hack Up Bespoke and Keysoe for Key Disaplines podium.  You will also see the dual branding in association with British Dressage above every judges box, quite apt when Alex Gingell is often sat in one of them. 


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