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The Satellite Camps have become a very beneficial training pathway, that supplement the annual main camps. The days are highly informative, very friendly and hugely popular.


The satelitte Camps have become a very beneficial training pathway, that supplement the annual main Senior and Bryds camps.  The days are highly informative, very friendly and hugely popular.

These camps run regularly  throughout the year. Arrival is on the evening before the day so everyone can be sociable and get settled in for a full active day on the full day's activities.  For those of you who struggle to get away from home the night before, it is fine to arrive in the morning of the camp. When you attend these days you are encouraged to ride at a level higher than you compete at if you wish. Or you can address competition issues, nerves or have just a fun day with dressage friends.  In the morning you and your horse are both trained and then whilst your horse rests in a stable, you are seamlessly swooped through workshops then have sessions with psychologists, Hack Up learning about supplementations, plus other activities that are all arranged for you.  Then in the afternoon you ride a test of your choice. This begins the bridge of training and movements v test riding. The trainer can be your trainer in the morning and then your judge in the afternoon. He/she will have time to explain to you why something did or did not work in the test environment and disscuss the comments you may not understand from your test sheet after a competition.

"We attended our first Satelitte camp in the summer.  We were amazed at how much support there is for the Eastern Region.  Before you attend you may imagine that there is a really 'clickie' group of people, but that is just not the case.  There are so many friendly people who all attend not knowing anyone and who all just get on with the commonality being dressage." said Alex Gingell

Being such a lovely sport means that you are always surrounded by genuinely lovely people.  Everyone respects the fact that what we all do is a difficult sport to grasp and develop within and the support and kindness is so beneficial.  But the skills of amazing trainers and judges make your issues a thing of the past - until you find a different one and guess what - they know how to get over that one for you too!

Come along and enjoy your dressage on a new level - An Eastern Region Level!

2018 Dates so far....


25th & 26th February 2018 at Keysoe - Arrive on Saturday afternoon and have a full day training and compeition ridiing on the sunday.  If you are pressed for time just join in on the Sunday!   Alex will be ski ing so we will just be taking horses - looking forward to seeing everyone

9th & 10th April BD Youth Spring Camp The first year under the new name! The youth members from 5-25 have such a fabulous weekend. It is available to all level of riders or combinations.  It is the FRIENDLIST camp ever!  Look forward to seeing everyone there and hopefully new members too!

21st & 22nd Apri - Senior Camp full two days of action packed activiies at Keysoe.

16th & 17th June - Satalite Camp at Keysoe

21st & 22nd July - Satalite Camp at Writte

24th & 25th October - Youth Camp, Keysoe

27th & 28th October - Senior Camp, Keysoe

10th & 11th November - Satallite Camp Anvil Park Norfolk

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