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Competitor 'test riding' training days

The aim is to inform competitors how judges are taught to judge at the lower levels, in order to catapult progression.

What happens on the day?

A professional dressage rider will be riding all the movements (Prelim / Novice / Elementary) at a BD venue over a 6 hour period. Alex will be commenting on the horse's way of going, in all 3 paces at each of the levels (Prelim, Nov and Elem). 6 tests will be judged audibly (2 at each level). There will be time for discussion with the audience at the end of each test.

The day will be informative, inspiring and fun. Alex is as qualified as anyone to judge at these levels and has spent literally years sitting at C, doing exactly this. The talking will be straight, honest and open. Most importantly it will be totally transparent and true to reality. ALL questions welcome.

This is a similar format to how judges are trained, but this time it's not for the judges, it's for the competitors. Coming along to one of these might just save you a lot of time, effort and money. The only thing is you may leave us thinking "why on earth haven't these days been available for competitors before??"

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