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Training with Hack Up Bespoke creator ALEX GINGELL and his impressive dressage friends.

Horsemanship from the heart. A Training experience to improve your results and help deliver your dreams.

Success with your horse is always a complex combination of many things.  It requires hard work, the right training, the building of a wonderful horse / rider patnership, the right veterinary care, physio and farrier plus the best supplements to support the horse. Alex Gingell, the creator of Hack Up Bespoke and formulator, has far more experience with horses than just 25 years of creating bespoke supplements.  Alex can now offer in person what he has been doing to support loyal customers for decades - a complete package.

Alex Gingell is a BD judge and successful business man,  but before working in the supplement industry in his youth he was an International event rider who was selected for the British Junior Team. As a talented young rider he was given a training scholarship with Gill Watson, BE team trainer  His success was halted swiftly by an almost fatal fall which he overcame with great determination having to re-learn to walk, talk and feed himself. After 25 years he is now bringing all his life experiences in the horse world together for riders and DOING IT DIFFERENTLY – as he always does! 

Antonia Brown is an International Event rider and National dressage rider. She began her series of Ring craft training days on the 24th January. Together she and Alex trained and worked on ring craft techniques for local riders, in the amazing indoor arena at Topthorn Arena. "It was a fabulous format, we saw some wonderful horses and rider combinations, as well as some young / inexperienced horses who were learning about new environments. The riders were given tips to overcome issues. Each rider improved with the advice and guidance  given. This will help them further their results in future competitons."

Other friends, in the world of dressage, working with Alex include:

Nikki Barker words about Alex Gingell  –“Repeatedly I have seen Alex work wonderfully with horses, especially young horses and nervous riders, settling them, giving them words of wisdom and preparing them before their test, just as they walk past him in the judge's box."

Antonia Brown “Always love riding for Alex, his judging is fair and expressive. I love his bespoke supplements too!”

Tahley Reeves Smith “I just clicked with Alex as a judge from the first time I met him, I am learning more about bespoke and am looking forward to my first day training in combination with him."


Training with a twist. Develop the art of competition at every level. Take home a video of you on your day.

24th January 2019 – Antonia Brown – Topthorn Arena Indoor BD Venue

email: topthornarena@gmail.com  or call 01449 711962 - FULL


12th February 2019 – Nikki Barker – At home with 2 arenas and mirrors

email: nikki@ncimages.co.uk  or call 07775 811918 - FULL

12th March 2019 – Tahley Reeve Smith – Harolds Park Farm (EN9 2SF)  (£60 / 1 hour session)

email: glynis.berger@btinternet.com  or call 07967 227556 - TAKING BOOKINGS


22nd March 2019 - Charlotte Thomas - Acton Hall Equestrian Centre ST5 4EF  (£60 / 1 hour session)

email: ride@actonhallec.co.uk  or call 07810 263786 - TAKING BOOKINGS


Alex Gingell will be the judge at all three events.

Never before has dressage had an approved competition venue open its doors to INCREDIBLE trainers working with a friendly, respected helpful BD and FEI judge.


On arrival you will head to the working in arena, here you will meet your trainer and start a 30min session. You will be worked in and trained to your selected competition level.Then you will head indoors to the ‘mocked-up’ competition arena and meet your judge. You will ride your test as if you were at a real competition and a caller will be available for you , if required. The whole test will be judged and recorded on your phone where you will hear the comments from Alex as you see view your test – getting a unique listen into what goes on behind the glass on your competition day.

After riding your test, it is time to watch it back tand evaluate your performance.  Together, you and Alex will discuss your earlier training and work on developing the weaker movements in the test for the remaining 20mins of your session.  The whole hour will be friendly, positive and supportive. The energy Alex and the three ladies have is  fun and upbeat. The aim is to support you and your horse, motivate you and help deliver your  dreams . The series of ringcraft sessions will provide you with support, just as you need it, throughout the year.

Who is this ideal for:
•    Overcoming fears of being judged
•    Preparing horses for a new environment
•    Wanting to improve your marks at your level
•    Preparing to work at a higher level
•    Competitive riders
•    Nervous competitors

The Trainers
Antonia Brown Venue: Topthorn Arena
Antonia is a lady Alex Gingell has loved to judge for years. Her consistency and understanding on how to deliver what the judges require are qualities that he has always admired. We are thrilled that she has agreed to share her training and competitor skills by combining them with Alex Gingell as the BD judge.  Antonia is an incredibly strong Eastern competitor, International Event Rider and National Dressage rider with her UKCC level 3 training qualification.

Tahley Reeve Smith Venue: Harolds Park Farm,  EN9 2SF.
Trained by Carl Hester and competing Grand Prix, there was no wonder that after judging Tahley for the first time, on a young horse, that he came home and told his wife, Jayne about this FANTASTIC rider! Being one of the leading riders in the East Tahley is well known to many riders and competitors. Tahley Reeve-Smith was awarded the runner up trainer of the year in a KDSI competition and is the highest riding PSG freestyle at 88%!

Nikki Barker Venue: At home, near Newmarket
She admires the  Alex’s way of settling competitor nerves and horses worries.  Endless times I have viewed his sensitive direction of managing combinations, and it is something that I admire, true horsemanship in my opinion. As an International dressage rider and trainer, you always want your clients to do well and have a great experience in the competition environment. I am thrilled to be working with Alex at home in our indoor and outdoor arenas. The full mirrors also help in the first phase of the day – as they will help your training and working in.  Seeing Nikki’s small frame on big powerfully ridden horses enter at A is always a sight that delights is Alex’s opinion.




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