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Canine Calm and Comfortable

Hundreds of horse owners who have seen the benefits of Bespoke have diven a demand for the canine bespoke supplements.  Using the same key ingredients, the formulators have been training, testing and trialing with our reg KC reg breeder, trainer and groomer Clare Marner.

On the 14th May this year Gloria delivered a staggering twelve puppies in her first litter. As a puppy she had been on a bespoke calming supplement that had had brilliant results. "It enabled me to support her training with more concentration, that in turn created a happier and safer puppy. She stopped jumping straight out of the car near busy roads and listened to my commands. It is something I always make new puppy owners aware of to support them in their homing phase of the puppies lives." says Clare.

Vicki Wells, veterinary nurse, has seen the powerful effects of the bespoke supplements for her retired cob Bob.  As our family lab hit his fourteenth year he struggled with mobility which is so typical of his breed.  I drew on my experience of a Bespoke joint supplement and once again saw fabulous results.  Being a dog rather than a horse we incurred the extra cost of VAT but felt that it was worth the extra cost having already seen the results with Bob.  The benefits of the Bespoke once again worked their magic and we saw our second ageing animal improve. Sadly we did lose him during this year.  As a vet nurse I am well versed on the end of life of animals, however, as I am now a mother of three boys and this is our first family pet that we have lost, the effects have been harder than ever before. We had some slight comfort from the extended time that we chose to have with him after we increased the amounts of supplements that we have fed him. It added to his comfort and mobility that enabled us to have some extra time to say our goodbyes.

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