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Bella poor hip score so joint support required


I have been using my horses and my dog bespoke for years. As a qualified vet nurse I am aware of what the supplement industry offers compared to the clinical industry. For my horse seeking an affordable bespoke made so much sense.  I researched the active ingredients and then sat with Alex and we worked out a bespoke that I and he was happy with.  The results were as I expected and I was thrilled. Over the years and as Bob ages we have changed his bespoke, had regular teeth and vet checks to ensure that we are getting an all-round approach to his care.


My horse is stabled very close to the Hack Up office so I go and collect my product, see it being made and chat to the formulators. The open and honest way they work is really refreshing to see, and I know vet friends who also use Hack Up Bespoke as they are the best supplement in the alternative natural market – as they are Free From fillers, buffers and added sugars.


I have just had the hip score of my Labrador to check about breeding from her. Sadly she has not followed in the footsteps of her parents so we will not therefore breed from her. I understand the implication of the xrays so I have worked with Nicola to create a joint support supplement for her so we are working to support her weakness before we see the physical effects. Feel very luck to have this friendly knowledgeable team up the road. Can not recommend them highly enough.

Vicki Wells - vet nurse and owner of leading farm - core supplier to Waitrose.

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