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Bouncing Up The Stairs Like A Rabbit Again

Our boys been on his bespoke canine about a week now and I've seen an improvement in the last few days. He's 15, shakes a lot and is very slow and stiff in his joints. Struggles up the stairs and finds it hard to sit and stand. It's painful to watch sometimes. Last night we were in hysterics watching him bounce up the stairs like a rabbit! It's obviously had a good effect on his joints as he would never have negotiated the stairs like this before. He's still shaking but at rest it's sometimes not there at all. He definitely has a bit more oomph about him and is pottering around with a wagging tail rather than looking like every movement is painful. Very happy with it!

He's an old boy and totally deaf so I'm under no illusions that he'll be here forever but Hack Up is certainly making day-to day life easier for him. 
He eats his with dry food and a little bit of cooled boiled water to catch the powder and a tablespoon of meat, no issues.
Louise Hughes

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