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Olivia's Sting is thriving on Hack Up Bespoke!

Sting is in his veteran years and had been a pionieer of clinical treatments for his vet. The initial idea was to repeat the clinical process next January 2019, but after the treatment was wearing off after only a couple of months it was agreed that alternative long term natural support was found.

After brilliant results with her horses on a bespoke, Olivia contacted the formulators for a possible solution Sting.  He started his bespoke joint supplement and has weekly physiotherapy appointments where he has hydrotherapy and cold laser treatments, which has proven much more effective. Before, Sting would only be able to walk 5 minutes and would have to sit down, now Sting is pulling on the lead and enjoying walks.

Being naturally sceptical that the improvements were not just from hydrotheraphy and lazer I stopped feeding his bespoke to see if there was going to be a change.  Within weeks even the physiotherapist noticed the difference we resumed the Bespoke again and he returned to being far more comfortable and mobile.

Hack Up Bespoke has changed his life expectancy as he is enjoying life to the full now. We have not needed to return for further evasive cliniclal treatment as yet as he is looking great so far. I have started my other two Bernese dogs on their own bespoke supplements; one for mobility and muscle tone as he is weak behind and the youngster is having one for general joint maintenance to hopefully delay the onset of any issues.

Hack Up Bespoke has been a godsend!


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