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17 Years Old and Flying

Sorry for the delay. Been a wee bit busy. 
Sheridon is such a pleasure of a horse to have around and to ride. He is 17yrs old now and I want to keep him happy and healthy for as long as possible. Being fit and in work suits him and I believe will keep him healthier and happier for longer. Due to his age I decided to get him a supplement not only for his joints but to assist his immune system and Hack up was able to come up with something to suit all his needs. Earlier this year was a bit rough for him and he had about a month of not being well for various reasons. So this winter as well as his normal Hack up he is also on one for his digestive system. 
After his period of being unwell we have had one of our best years yet! Competing at the BRC Winter Showjumping Championship, Trailblazers Championship for Combined Training coming 4th and 1st and 4th over all, and at the Sunshine Tour Dressage Championship we came 3rd and 4th. We have been competing in dressage, mainly at Novice level recently doing our first Elementary and coming 1st. We have also been competing in Showjumping 80cm-1m and taking part in team competitions. We have had a total blast and I hope that will continue. I intend to take part in Team Quest competitions in 2017 and some of the same Championships. I really feel that his Hack up supplements have helped to keep him supple, healthy and happy. Thank you.
Vicky Leese


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