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A great "Before and After' from Shannon Bury and her sj mare.

I got my horse knowing she could be a bit of a handful. She'd not been ridden for the previous 5 years for this reason. She would show seasonal behaviour issues and always rears as her method of evasion. There would be no trigger for her antics, just some days she would not want to play: She would plant, refuse to jump and rear.

I had a clinic with Geoff Billington where she just refused to jump and reared and he refused to get on her on part of her being dangerous! This was usual for her but I learned to deal with it. I was in the show jumping ring once and a fellow competitor saw her having a meltdown and suggested a supplement may help, so I did some research. Hack Up Bespoke came back as cost effective for me so I thought I’d try it with nothing to lose!

I ordered the product and hoped for the best. In 3 weeks I could see a difference, she was less volatile and more focused. Each time we have been in the ring,since being on the product, she has not reared once! She can jump a course in a relaxed fashion even winning a class when before just completing a course was an achievement. In our flatwork she is more focused and carries no tension and doesn’t buck when asked for harder movements or lateral work. I can’t thank Hack Up Bespoke enough, I have a horse I can now enjoy and she now enjoys her job too.

Shannon Bury

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