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Aintree steward recommended we should use bespoke after being eliminated!

Hi, Alex. This is a picture of Seriously last week at his first show of this season. He came away with two 1st's. This is totally amazing as last year he was totally unpredictable and would vertical rear, buck and bolt.
We took him to Aintree last August and he totally freaked out. He was a nervous wreck and was shaking from head to hoof. He got eliminated from his first ridden class as my daughter fell off due to him rearing and almost falling over.
One of the stewards came over to us and recommended Hack up bespoke calmers. Although I was dubious as I had tried other calmers I thought I'd try as this was our last hope.
So I'm happy to report that with a little jiggling and giving him the loading dose on occasion to take the edge off. Last week after a few weeks on 1scoop he performed beautifully. We were more than happy that he was calm and responsive but the wins put the top hat on it.
Thank you so much Alex Gingell I now have a very happy daughter and little ginger horse.

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