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Ami's winning ways - stabled at Tostock and Using Hack Up Bespoke

I cannot thank Alex and the Hackup team enough for having such a nice calm, collected and very affectionate mare. She came to me on loan already having been on her Bespoke Calm/Digest/Detox Supplement, but I do know that before this she was a total cow. She was stressy when being tacked up. Wouldn't settle properly into work without several arguments. Was extremely opinionated and found hack far far to exciting, to the point she became extremely tense. She's now totally settled, happy to work and loves coming in to be groomed, tacked up and work. She loves her job!! At 17 years old and with cushings I think she looks and feels fantastic. She has so much energy but used it in a nice constructive way. I first found out about hack up myself back in 2012 when I started working with Alex not long after he came up with the concept of Hackup. I learnt a lot in the year I was there and saw some amazing results day in, day out. hence why I wouldn't use any other product now! The team at Hackup really are fantastic and no query is to big nor to small. I keep Ellie at Tostock Old Hall Livery, which is truley a fantastic place and both me and Ellie are extremely happy here. Though there are over 50 horses it never feels busy and always maintains a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The facilities are great, and have helped me no end end to getting where I am now.

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