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Amy Meecham gives an update on her Evie..

Just a quick update in regards to Evie's product for calming/digestion/detox. Evie gets very uptight and tense at shows and in general when something worries her. This unfortunately along with a few other issues resulted in her rearing and crushing me at the BRC national horse trials finals, leaving me with a fractured pelvis. Knowing that this was not her just being naughty whilst on rest myself I looked at options to help her and came across your website. I had a bespoke supplement made up, I ordered it and started her on it. She's been on it about 6 weeks now and there's a huge change.  However, it's the calming affect which is most significant. I've been riding again for 3 weeks and I'm not allowed to jump so have been concentrating on dressage. After only a week I took her out competing and she was fantastic, so relaxed and willing. I've since registered her BD and went last week to our first competition, getting a second and third. I am obviously over the moon that the mare I fell in love with is back.  She's also been playing riding school for my partners completely novice children, walking round and being so obedient, with them being able to do everything with her. I can't thank you enough. Nearly everyone else wanted me to sell her but with your help she's staying with me. Thank you again.

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