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Andy Fakley's stressy TB no longer stresses - he's a different horse!!

I contacted Alex 18 months ago when Sunny was the grouchiest little sod ever. He wouldn't let you groom him or even touch his sides in the stable,  he would just turn and bite you. Riding him was really tricky and if I put my leg on he would often just stop and rear! Well having spoken to Alex, he formulated a Digestive / Hoof Bespoke for him and got me to load it in at 50g per day for 10 days, before reducing it to 20g, Well he is a totally different horse. He now stands quietly in the stable and munches on his haynet while I groom him all round everywhere. He accepts the leg willingly and is a pleasure to ride. His typical TB feet are stronger and firmer now too so the farrier only comes every 6 - 7 weeks as opposed to every 4 weeks.

I get everyone who has a problem with their horse to speak to Alex at Hack Up, every time!!

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