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Anna Matthews-Revitt Wins The Hack Up Bespoke February 'LOVE' Competition!

"I can't thank Hack Up enough for what their supplements have done for my boys. In particular my young un-raced thoroughbred Shadow. In the vets words 'he's simply amazing'. Shadow is plagued with health issues and I'm pretty sure Hack Up supplements are one of the reasons he's still with me now. That and a fabulous vet and Physio. He's undergone surgery 4 times and is only 7!! He's only a light hack now but he looks amazing and has a personality to match. Alex is always there at the end of a message to alter my supplements if I feel he's needing a little more help. Shadow means the world to me and I'm so grateful. I recommend Hack Up to all my friends and I know they are all amazed too. Shadow is a superb advocate for their stuff. Thanks so much xxx photo taken by Chrysalis photography."

Anna Matthews-Revitt

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