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Annaliesa Happy and Comfortable On Her Bespoke

So I have been using Hack Up on my beautiful mare Annaliesa for about 2 and a half years now so I thought I'd write an update. Anna has a number of serious issues, needless to say she was very lame. After a trip to the vets there wasn't much that could be done other than trying to keep her comfortable. Various treatments did not seem to work so I didn't think she'd be around for much longer. Then I decided to try Hack Up as I'd heard about it and blow me down she went from hobbling along hardly able to walk to jog trotting within 3 days. She is still retired due to her problems and she is always slightly lame as the vet said she cannot physically walk normally due to her joint conditions, but she is still happy and comfortable and runs around like a nutter at times. Without Hack Up I very much doubt I'd still have her and she's my baby so thank you xxx Sarah Prentice


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