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Badger - More Willing and Calm

This is Badger a 9 year old Irish cob that we have owned for 3 years. Badger was a happy hacker before coming to us . We have found schooling him tricky due to his argumentative side, he's not always a willing pupil. He finds it hard to concentrate and relax when schooling. Badger has always been an excellent doer and it's a challenge to keep him from gaining weight. He's currently muzzled and out at night and in during the day. He has recently moved from a well known lo calorie balancer onto Hack up bespoke and initially during the loading dose was an angel to school very willing and calm even during a very windy schooling session which is unheard of for him.... he hates wind! After lowering the dose his old ways were creeping back in so I contacted Hack up bespoke who have tweaked his supplement, so hopefully we will see the settled Badger back very soon. Jayne Louise Spalding

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