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Baron - My Happy Boy is Back

Hi I wanted to get in touch to say how thrilled I am with the progress my horse is making and a large part of this I'm sure is due to his Hack Up supplements.

I have had Baron for three years. It has been a rollercoaster of saddle issues, his anxiety, my anxiety and a diagnosis at 7yrs old of stiffness in his hocks. I thought if I was lucky we could be happy hackers.

Baron has come on amazingly, he is comfortable, stepping under better, bending without worry, putting on muscle in the right places and he has lost his anxious face. My happy boy is back.

With the help of my excellent instructor I have had my first canter in 18 months and even attempted a small jump! I am now looking forward to trying our first dressage test in the summer.

Thanks you for the excellent service you provide at Hack Up.
Claire Luke


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