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Baz - Even Calm When Schooling In The Wind On His Bespokes

Hi Alex, another update on Baz , we rode today in gales !!!! And as you can see from the pictures he wasn't fussed !!! It has took from December to notice such a difference as we have had other challenges and feeding problems but 4 weeks after we have started from scratch again I had a very different ride from him !!! I cannot fault Hack Up at all and I have all 5/6 supplements into 2 so he can have a scoop of one in a morning amd the other on a evening along with his copper supplement too he's never felt better.
As I said it hasn't been easy and he's on 2 good scoops at the moment but it's paid off totally, he wouldn't of ever dreamed of working in the wind before only looking for invisible monsters !! I'm well impressed!!
Victoria Poole xx


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