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Beau - beautiful in french and now on a hack too - atlast!!

Good morning
I have had my beautiful horse beau for 3 and half years , when I got him he was a very green 4 year old but would try his heart out for you and we went to the royal Welsh showing and also won the British show jumping club championships for our region, however we have always struggled with beau as he head shakes throughout the summer, he strikes out violently at his nose with his front legs and the more worked up he gets the more stressed he gets and it's just gets more and more dangerous , to the point he is unrideable for some of the summer months! I have tried every shop bought supplement and every old wives tale to try and help him , some worked for a little while and some made him worse ! He wears his nose net for hacking but he struggles to breathe in it for any other work! I was then told to try "hack up bespoke " I have had beau on his headshaking supplement for 8 weeks now and there is a definate improvement in him , however he does have to stay on the high dose otherwise the Pollen catches up with him! I have never been able to hack him safely as he would get so worked up and a combination of spooking, head shaking and bolting made it unsafe and just no fun for me , beau or anyone with us.  I used the Step free product yesterday for the first time on one of the hottest and muggiest days we have had(beaus worst nightmare) step free is amazing it worked instantly and we enjoyed a relaxed and happy hack with my partner! It was such a joy I am so happy X
Thank you x

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