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Becky Webb trusts that TEAM Hack Up will deliver.

I first started using Hack Up Bespoke 2 years ago on my ex riding school horse, Bonnie, after she had taken a tumble on to a concrete yard which bruised her hip and had very bad muscle damage as a result. The physio and vets were unsure if she would return as a riding horse and suggested as part of her rehabilitation process that I started to include a supplement to benefit both her joints and muscles after the fall.
I stumbled across Hack Up Bespoke whilst reading a magazine and decided to fill out the form and give it a go. I was impressed with how they’d taken into account all of Bonnie’s problems and listed each ingredient with an explanation of how beneficial it would be to her.
Within two months of her injury, we were given the all clear to start work again and within 6 months, she was back in full work, something which I don’t think I would have been able to do if the supplement had not made her as comfortable as she was.
Since being on Hack Up Bespoke Bonnie has gone from strength to strength. She has taken me to my first shows and we have enjoyed farm rides and fun rides a plenty. Earlier this year, Bonnie had an accident and her condition worsened, again her prognosis wasn’t a good one. The team at Hack Up were more than happy to listen and refine the supplement she was on and she has made another amazing recovery and is now enjoying a successful dressage career. I am confident knowing that no matter what happens, the team at Hack Up Bespoke will refine and suggest supplements that I know will suit my horse and will help to keep her in top condition.
The first pic is Bonnie the day before her first accident, 2 years ago, the second is Bonnie out competing, two years after and fed on her bespoke supplement. Hopefully we will be at our goal of competing at novice level early next year!!!
Becky Webb

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