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Beverley Harrison gives us an update on the 3 horses..

Bert, 14 year old con x tb suffered from digestive issues that were treated by the vet. I wanted to keep him comfortable long term so looked at his diet on a daily basis. Bert has a maintenance bespoke supplement from Hack Up and is now a happier more manageable boy . The supplement has changed my world because Bert now happily goes out competing, without the stress that once made him uncontrollable  even having a go at dressage!!

Fleur, 18 year old warm blood x sh, before I purchased my Hack Up supplement she was struggling with her breathing, so much so the vets had suggested long term meds which is very costly. She also regularly loses a shoe before her routine 6 weeks. Her bespoke was targeting these two key issues plus mobility support due to her age. We are thrilled to now be comfortable enough to regularly complete in dressage and combined training and we are doing fabulously!!

Royal, 22 year old welsh section B, I have owned the little man for 16 years, was my daughter's and when he was outgrown he went out on loan, he came home 2 years ago to retire but unfortunately had lost all his mane and had suffered from lami a few times and his feet were in a real mess. He has been on his Hack Up supplement for about a year and now has a full mane and his feet are looking far better, even been out showing again!!

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