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Both ponies now thriving with their Pre-formulated and Bespoke!!

Dear Alex and the Hack Up team, After this last weekend I felt I had to write and tell you how amazed and pleased I am with the progress both my horse and elderly pony have made since being on your products. My horse has always been a bit hot headed, with major issues loading to travel anywhere, sweating in the trailer and generally becoming to anxious to concentrate whilst out and about. She also head shakes continually throughout the summer regardless of standing in the field or being ridden. I started her on her bespoke supplement first and after a few days even noticed a subtle difference in her attitude. Although she was calmer we still had moments after a few weeks where she would still become wound up and anxious. This was when I tried the step free supplement and wow, the difference was so great that last weekend I was able to taker her out showing. She loaded first time, stood calmly at the trailer - I was amazed! With regards to the head shaking, at your open day recently I was advised to give the 'air' a try. After a few days of trying to get this extremely picky mare to eat it I can now hide it in her feed and although not completely gone, the head shaking has improved greatly. With regards to the my elderly pony, only a week ago I started a bespoke for her sweet itch and arthritis. Now, I didn't think she was particularly stiff behind but watching her perform an impressive extended trot across the field the last few days I've realized that actually she obviously was! Also, I was wondering, a few friends of mine are very interested in the bespoke products and when I told them of your open days were very interested. Many many thanks, Lisa Lungley

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